Who is a Geek ?


Who is a Geek ?

A geek is a person who is inordinately dedicated to and involved with technology. Geeks are socially awkward, unpopular peoples and are highly intelligent persons. Geek are enthusiast of a particular topic or field. They are collection oriented, gathering facts and mementos related to their subject of interest. They are obsessed with the newest, coolest, trendiest things that their subject has to offer.

The term “geek” has become associated with someone who has a vested interest in one particular thing and knows it on an expert level. While it isn’t uncommon for them to have more than one interest, there’s always one subject that takes precedence over the others.

Step’s to be a Computer Geek

  • Run Everything on a Schedule
  • Update your knowledge with the latest technology and gadgets
  • Learn about hardware and software
  • Contribute to open-source projects
  • Establish a blog regarding anything geeky
  • Know about hacks and patches to your system.
  • Learn programming languages
  • Know Your Computer’s Hidden Features
  • Program Your Own Dead Simple Scripts

So that’s it. Are you a Geek ?